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Monday, September 28, 2009


Sorry for the delay in updating everyone on what's going on with Family Jules. I've been bouncing around doing a number of things and have let my blog fall on the side for a bit.
I am back and getting re-focused for several upcoming projects. I am currently working on the bridesmaids jewelry for my friend Heather's wedding. Heather has great taste and looks great in just about every color. She likes artsy, funky, and vintage style things, so it was no surprise to me when she said "can you make all the necklaces and earrings unique and vintage looking?" (LOL)

I'm excited about this project, because I am challenging myself to create 3 pieces that represent each bridesmaid AND go well with the style of each of their dresses. The dresses are this warm and lovely pecan color, and made of raw silk. It has definately made me take a bit of a different approach with each piece, and matching stones to that fabric has been tricky...

All in all, they are coming out nicely so far, and I am slated to show Heather some "mock ups" in the next day or so. Other than that, I had spent the last few weeks ramping up my inventory for a festival that unfortunately got rained out. BUMMER! I guess the good thing is that I have a head start for the holidays, right?

With that being said, September is almost over, and soon my BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE earrings sale will be over too! There are still plenty of items up for grabs, so check it out before it ends. Also I will be announcing this month's Facebook fanpage winner! The winner will get to pick out a pair of earrings and a keychain from my shop, so keep your fingers crossed, it might be you!

In addition, I had an idea the other day and thought I'd put it out there for some feedback. I thought it would be fun to have people send me the name of a song, or a word, or maybe an image...something that I could use to get ideas and inspiration to make some new jewelry pieces.

I would then try to create a design inspired by the "song, word, image, etc." that you sent me. Then I would put the designs on my Facebook page for others to vote on. If the design I create using your "inspiration" is awarded the most votes, you get to keep it! Sounds fun, huh? I guess I will have to limit it to about 5 things though...otherwise I'll never finish. (LOL)

Well, I'm off to be creative again... -Jules

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