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Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding My Own Style

Okay, so I've never been a super trend follower. While I don't consider myself to be completely devoid of current style, I also wouldn't say that I make it a point to outfit my closet with the seasons "hottest" clothing, shoes and accessories. It's just not me, and well quite frankly, I simply can't afford it. :(

With that being said, I do however like to check out what's out there in the designer world. I am entrigued and inspired by color, textures and fabrics. I like so many different styles that it's often hard for me to categorize or find my niche in the handmade jewelry world. Some people do the whole "modern jewelry with a vintage feel" or "simple and sophisticated pieces for women" thing really well. I just can't ever seem to nail my style down to one influence or another. Marketing experts would probably say that not focusing my product or my target audience is awful for business, but I would have to say, name one person that likes to eat the same thing every day?

I mean why should we, as artists, be forced to represent ourselves or our lives for that matter, in one dimension. You know? I personally dress and accessorize based on my mood, the weather, the music I'm listening to, all kinds of stuff. What I have found is that in doing so, my own sense of style and confidence has emerged and evolved over the years. Now if only I could capture that or bottle that up in a neat little PR package. LOL

I take pride in the fact that I am not afraid to explore the world of color. I know people who like to play it safe and consequently, never incorporate anything too colorful or too ostentatious into their wardrobe. I however like to take chances, add splashes of color, mix it up with metals, wear shoes that are bold and such.

It is through this exploration that I find what works, makes sense, makes me feel more confident and comfortable in my skin. I'd like to think that in the same respect, that is the manner in which I design my jewelry. Perhaps that is my niche? LOL

Anyways, getting back to trends...I am super excited to see that some of my favorite colors are all the rage this fall! Deep, rich and regal colors are in. (Think royal colors) Inky blues, plums, camel, burnt oranges, olive greens, etc.

Another trend is that instead of silver, golds are coming in fashion. I usually prefer silver to gold, but really like the way gold is being paired up with these brilliant jewel toned colors. I might just have to explore this trend for fun...

Out of curiousity, do any of you look or follow trends? Do you feel like you have hammered down your distinct style? If so, how did that come about? Do you design things that only you personally would wear? Or do you pretty much make whatever people ask you for and are willing to pay for? I am interested to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please do share...

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